Welcome to the Civil Information Sharing Project

CISProject Photo group in field

The Civil Information Sharing Project is leading the effort to improve the collection and sharing of civil information between military and civilian reconstruction efforts in post-conflict and post-disaster environments. 

Current Initiatives:

  • APAN Civil Information Community of Interest

The CIS Project oversees management of the Civil Information Community of Interest on the Department of Defense All Partners Access Network (APAN). The APAN site serves as the portal through which military units are sharing civil information gathered during civil affairs deployments. The APAN site is also the portal through which civil information collected by civilian non-governmental organizations and private sector entities can access that military data and in return, share civil data they have collected. Join this APAN effort by visiting APAN at www.apan.org and signing up to join the Civil Information Community of Interest.

  • Development of Stability Assessment Frameworks

The CIS Project is working with military organizations to improve the assessments used by military teams to gain situational awareness on the ground for use in planning projects to improve stability and security. As these assessments are developed, the CIS Project aims to encourage involvement by civilian organizations in this process. In addition to seeking feedback from civilian organizations on assessment development, the CIS Project is also working to find civilian partner organizations that will contribute data for analysis by using the stability assessments being developed.

  • ADT Mission Reports

As part of its effort to share military information, the CIS Project has collected reports from National Guard Agri-business Development Teams (ADTs) that operated in Afghanistan. These reports can be viewed by linking to the SACCADE database. By clicking here you will be able to access SACCADE (System to Aid Counterinsurgency Campaign Analysis, Design and Evaluation), a Department of Defense-funded knowledge management system where you can search and view these mission reports.